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Welcome to GBGW

The Great British Greyhound Walk is an annual dog-walking event that brings together greyhounds, lurchers, other sighthounds and their owners to raise awareness of the breeds and show the public just what wonderful pets they make.  Become a part of the Great British Greyhound Walk family, join in the fun and help us beat previous years totals and promote greyhounds and all other sighthounds.

2015 Walk is on Sunday 21st June and is Global!

Bling My Bandana Competition is now open

Message from our Hambassador Jack Alford *DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLLLL* Tonight we launch the 2015 GBGW Bling My Bandana Competition! *trumpet fanfare* HOW TO: Buy a bandana of your choice from the GBGW shop, honery greyhounds are welcome to join in too. Bling the bandanna, the crazier the better. Use paint, sequins, glitter, sewing items, buttons, glue, […]

Power Paw Greyhound Socks helping raise £ for GBGW

The Great British Greyhound Walk has teamed up with Anythingdogz pet products who have generously offered to help our fundraising. For every set of POWER PAWS GREYHOUND SOCKS (select the greyhound set from the drop down) sold between now and the end of June, Anydogz will donate £1 of that sale to the GBGW. That’s […]

Visit our Facebook page for fun competitions :)

The latest Ambassador competition on our Facebook page was ‘write a limerick’ with a wonderfully inspiring ditty from Ambassador Jack Dhere woz a blak greyhound corled Jack. Who orlways laid on his back His Muvva said “Oi!, Yoous a lazy old boy” And gave his backside a pat. the winning entry was My greyhound has […]

Funky Union Jack Coats! Thank you Milgi Coats

Our good friends Milgi Coats are making these special Union Jack coats especially for the Great British Greyhound Walk.  Find them here and support our very special event.

GBGW Ambassadors Competitions!

Did you know we have our very own Ambassador, Jack Alford who in addition to spending his precious awakeness hours promoting the Great British Greyhound Walk to sighthounds everywhere, also runs fun competitions on our Facebook page!  Go take a look at the latest – a Selfie Competition! Share on Facebook

Countdown to GBGW 2015